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Why I’m ignoring my children, except 1, for a whole week….

Ok, so, that might sound a little harsh… and maybe I won’t COMPLETELY ignore them but I will be focusing mainly on 1 child only! For those who haven’t already guessed why, it’s because it’s Year 6 Key Stage 2 SATS week!

Although, I’ve been very lucky in that my daughter’s school have prepped the year 6’s well for this week by putting on breakfast study groups, after school 1:1 tuition as well as study days during the Easter holidays, I still want Paige to be as ready as possible for these tests.

I’ve taken the stress off of her by, simply, saying that the tests are testing the teachers rather than her, to make sure that they have done their jobs properly and taught her all the things she needs to know for high school. I’ve played them down as much as possible so she’s calm and collected about them – She wouldn’t do as well as she could under pressure!

I’ve created a week long study and preparation routine for next week that I’m going to share with you in my next post for any other parents getting ready for SATS week 🙂

Hopefully it will help you too and take the stress out of the whole experience for you and your pre-teen!

Keep and eye on the blog later for my “Y6 SATS Week Preparation Plan”

Love always,

Annalise x