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The Internal Fight of Anxiety!

The whole reason Mel and I started Mummy Mayhem was to be able to raise awareness about post natal depression and anxiety.

To be able to reach and help other Mums and Dads suffering.

And hopefully make a difference, as well as having some fun with other vlog and blog ideas along the way of course!

That being said, it’s time I open up about what I’ve been going through lately so that I can try to make a difference and help someone else going through the same who may not be brave enough or ready to speak out yet.


I have been suffering with really bad anxiety attacks for the past 2 weeks, without reason or warning, completely out of nowhere…

I’ve been waking up in the night with my heart pounding against my chest, my head confused and this buzzing nervous energy consuming my body. I’ve been shaking in the day and worrying about something that I don’t even know about. I’ve been crying with fear about something that isn’t even real.

That’s the thing about anxiety. It can turn up at anytime and make you feel this way but not even let you know why!

It’s exhausting.

My go to cure for anxiety is normally to find the source and deal with it, whether it’s stress about an upcoming event, money, lack of sleep or worry about family. I find the problem and fix it.

BUT… that’s easier said than done when the anxiety is still gnawing away and not letting you dig to that source without setting it off again…

That’s when I realised that to be able to fix this anxiety issue I needed to take some time out, some me time, concentrate on my body and my health and find my own little cure.

I’ve treated my self to delicious healthy salads, long hot bubble baths, detoxing face masks, kept my fluids up by drinking plenty of water and put myself to bed early every night 🙂

And you know what?

I feel SO much better!

I still haven’t found my source for this bout of anxiety but I’m on my way and feeling better already!

I’d love to hear of any cures that you’ve found that work for you 🙂 Please feel free to drop them below in the comments section and share this post if you feel it would help someone else suffering right now…

Love always,

Annalise x