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My Year 6 SATS Preparation Plan

Following on from my recent post regarding the upcoming Year 6, Key Stage 2 SATS tests, I wanted to share my SATS PreparationΒ  Plan in the hopes that you’ll be able to take some inspiration from it and dive straight into next week feeling calm and confident!

So, let’s get stuck right in…


Paige will enjoy a care-free and fun afternoon at a friends party before we start our preparations…

6pm – Paige will indulge in a relaxing, candle lit, bubble bath while I ask her a few quiz questions, keeping it very light hearted and going over anything she struggles on.

6:30pm – The lucky girlie has roped me into giving her daily pamper sessions for the week so from 6:30 until 7:30 she will receive an hour long, full body massage, complete with candles and relaxing music… and the odd fun quiz question πŸ˜‰

7:30pm – Once she’s chilled out and relaxed she’ll head upstairs for an early night ready for the busy week ahead!


6am – I wake, get showered ready and dressed.

6:45am – I get the baby ready for the day and head downstairs.

7am – Paige and the other children wake up and begin to get ready.

7:30am – Paige has a quick skim through her revision books while eating a filling and healthy breakfast of porridge and fruit.

8am – We head to school for the pre-SATS y6 breakfast and study before the tests begin.

3pm – On the way home from school Paige can update me on how things went and then we won’t mention it again until later in the evening, she can have an hour to do whatever she likes, play, read, relax… it’s her choice πŸ™‚

4:30pm – We’ll be having a healthy, brain fuel dinner!

5:30pm – A quick hour revision session before the nights pampering begins!

6:30pm – Monday night will be another full body massage… yes, complete with the candles and relaxing music πŸ˜‰

7:30pm – Early to bed again and if she struggles to switch off she can choose to read a book or read some more of her revision books but without putting pressure on herself!


6am – The day will start exactly the same as Monday and will continue all week as routine is best to keep things flowing nicely and calmly!

6:30pm – Tonights pamper session will be a relaxing facial and face, neck and shoulders massage – I kind of wish it was me going through SATS now!


6:30pm – I know you’re all only reading to find out which pamper is next so I’ll just get straight to it πŸ˜‰ Wednesday is a manicure, hand and arm massage and pedicure with a foot massage while studying (I’ll be turning the pages).


3pm – They are OVER! It’s party time!! Tonight we will be celebrating with a Chinese takeaway and Paige can do whatever the hell she likes πŸ™‚ After working so hard towards these tests she deserves to let off some steam and enjoy some treats and relaxation!

I will always be unbelievably proud of her, no matter what a score says! This girl is truly incredible and will go far no matter which boxes she ticks or doesn’t tick πŸ˜‰ Success isn’t measured by grades or scores…

Good luck to all your Y6 children about to embark on these tests! I wish them all the best of luck πŸ™‚

Love always,

Annalise x

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