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Mummy Mayhem’s Sky Dive for Great Ormond Street Hospital

If you’ve watched our latest vlogs you will know that the newest crew member here at Mummy Mayhem has a rather special heart…

Charlie was born with a very rare heart condition, congenitally corrected transposition of the greater arteries, which means that the valves and arteries in his heart are the wrong way round and he will probably require some form of heart surgery in the future. So far he’s not letting his heart slow him down in any way, shape or form and has captured the hearts of all of those around him!

Great Ormond Street Hospital, along with Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, have been fantastic in supporting Mel, her husband, Liam and their daughters during this nerve racking time and throughout each of Charlie’s medical check up’s and assessments. So it is with that in mind that Liam has bravely decided to take on the task of raising money for GOSH hospital as a way of saying thank you for their continuous hard work, care and support by doing none other than…. A SKYDIVE!!

If you would also like to support the hospital and help raise the, much needed, funds that Great Ormond Street requires you can do so here: Liams Skydive Fundraising Page

If you’d like to read more about how and why Liam decided to raise money for the hospital this way you can here : Liam’s EDP Article

Your support means so so much to all of us here at Mummy Mayhem HQ!


Annalise & Mel x