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How I Cured my Depression and Anxiety!

First of all, before I start this blog post, I just want to state I am by no means a doctor or counsellor and so what has worked for me may not work for everyone!

However, I wanted to share my journey and experience as everything is worth a try, right?

In all honesty all I did was make a few little life changes but, boy, did they have a BIG impact!

The first and most important, for EVERYONE, thing that I did was make an appointment with my doctor as soon as I knew something “just wasn’t quite right”. Even if you have to ask someone else to make that phone call, or for someone to go with you… do it! It’s so important, just do it!

After my appointment I was put on a very low dose of Sertraline, the mildest anti depressant medication, which I believe has helped me massively…

But, didn’t help me find the root of my issues or help me to put things in place for myself to cope naturally with the day to day things that could cause me anxiety.

That, I did by myself and here’s how:

Day by day I made a few small changes, just to things like, how I think, what I do, who I allow into our families life and walking away from negative situations etc

I wrote a course on exactly what I did, which you can find right here: The Mummy Mindset Makeover

I highly suggest you take a look and have a read through, it’s the little things in life that make the biggest impact.

I also added things into my daily life such as listening to healing music and positivity music on YouTube, I have it on while I work, while I cook, while I relax, while I do my make-up… basically, as much as possible! If I miss just one day now I really notice it!

Also I invested in things like Himalayan Salt Lamps and Aroma Diffusers with light therapies which I have on every day and add different essential oils to to help with different things that day. For Christmas my wonderful husband bought me some essential oil blends such as “Confidence Boost”, “Spa Break” and “Chill Out”. They are stunning scents and allow me to pick whichever I feel will help me the most that day, not to mention that my clients get to benefit from all this too!

I also eliminated any negative people out of our lives. Quite simply, this is our family and our life and we have a right to choose not to interact with people who don’t add any positivity into it. You don’t have to get on with everyone and you certainly don’t have to waste energy trying to 🙂

Creating a daily Gratitude List is probably my favourite thing that I did, sometimes I write it down, sometimes I just do it in my head but every. single. day. I thank my lucky stars for everything I have, from the most important thing (my fabulous children), to the roof over our heads, the food in the fridge and the glimpse of sun that hit my face first thing in the morning. EVERYTHING goes on my list! It’s all worthy of gratitude!

I also became more mindful and present, although I’m a complete “planner” and love planning ahead which I still do, I became more mindful of how I plan and now live each day for what that day will bring rather than trying to speed up time to get to my next plan. I understand that each present day IS in fact a part of my plan already!

And lastly, I listen to my body and my mind and take care of myself… which I never used to! I used to push through regardless… and look how that ended up! Now, if I feel I need a break, I take it! I bloody deserve it and so do you, so take it if you need it!

If I need an early night, you can guarantee my PJs are on and I’m in bed by 7:30pm, I may not be sleeping but I’m allowing myself to rest.

If I feel I need a little social interaction, I make it happen, I book something in the diary with a friend and fully enjoy that time… and maybe a cocktail or two, but who’s counting!

Self care isn’t about a bubble bath on a Sunday evening when you’re already burnt out and feeling like crap! It’s about listening to your mind and body BEFORE that point and putting little things in place to avoid that burn out situation, some days all that will be is a 5 minute sit down with a hot cup of tea, other times you may need a day fully to yourself to rearrange your thoughts. LISTEN to yourself and treat yourself with care.

Everyone is different and these things may not work for everyone but if some of my experience has helped you to put a plan in place for your own self care, recovery or mindset work then I am over the moon!

Love always,