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Hands Up… Who’s an awful parent?

Every other day the press seem to condem parents for various different reasons…

“Giving your children sweets will cause them to definitely, 100% be a ridiculously obese adult” so we all throw out anything that could be remotely likened to a sweetie in the hopes that our precious children will grow up to be healthy, average weighing adults only to read the headlines the next day…

“Denying your kids sweets will mentally damage them, scar their childhood memories and cause them to eat obsessively as adults”

Seriously, media guys… GET. A. GRIP.

We’re doing our best here and don’t need you making our job 10 times harder than it already is!

So, do you know what?

I’m a bad parent.

According to the media that is, because I allow my children to have sweets and chocolate and I also limit the amount and choose when they can have it. So, if that makes me a bad parent, so be it.

My kids and happy and healthy and that’s all that matters to me 🙂

I believe parenting is all about moderation, just like anything, a little of this and a little of that makes the perfect combo!

If my children eat all of their salad at dinner time they are more than welcome to help them self to the dessert they fancy…

So, hands up! Who else is an awful parent? 😉

Love, Annalise x