Annalise & Mel's

Mummy Mayhem
  • Annalise

    Annalise is a Mummy to 4, 3 girls and a boy, and an entrepreneur with her fingers in many different pots!

    She is CEO and Founder of Attraction – Beauty & Aesthetics and Luxe Aesthetics Academy. She also runs Envy 18, an online fashion clothes boutique.

    Annalise, also blogs for The Huffington Post as well as here at Mummy Mayhem and is a published author with several eBooks available on Amazon as well as being a Vlogger with Mel on YouTube through their channel Annalise & Mel Mummy Mayhem.

    In the little spare time Annalise gets she helps her 2 eldest daughters with their businesses, The Party Hut  and  The Sweetie Hut as she believes it’s important for them to learn business and entrepreneurship skills from a young age.

    Annalise also coaches work-from-home-Mums and entrepreneurs on Mindset, Success and Happiness. Her aim is to make the world a happier place one person at a time!

    In 2019 Annalise entered the Miss UK beauty pageant to raise awareness for Post Natal Depression and is currently the reigning Miss England 2019.

  • Mel

    Mel is a Mummy of 3, 2 girls and boy, happily married and currently enjoying her maternity leave to focus on her children.

    She loves vlogging on YouTube with Annalise, updating their Mummy Mayhem Facebook page and being part as well as blogging here on the mummy Mayhem blog!

    In her spare time she enjoys catching up with friends and spending quality time, with those most important to her, her family.

    After finding out about her son’s heart condition, congenitally corrected transposition, and her youngest daughter’s ongoing health concerns, Mel started to suffer again with anxiety due to the worries about her children’s well being and the ever increasing amount of hospital and doctors appointments.

    Mel has always been very open about her struggles with Post Natal Depression and anxiety and hopes that the Mummy Mayhem vlog and blog will help other sufferers to not feel alone in the own journeys and will be a place to refer to for advice and comfort.